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Rick’s Grill & Pub – Great burgers, hot dogs, and other American food. A local favorite that you should check out if you want a hearty meal.

Togos – Better than Subway in our opinion. All sorts of great sandwiches on quality bread. There are menus available at the front desk.

Mike’s New York Pizza – We have an arrangement with this pizza shop to delivery to our guests for free. They specialize in New York style pizza but also offer some deep dish items.

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Online Dating: It is Less Complicated Than Many People Think

using match.com for freeOnline dating is really a effective tool when you know how you can leverage it, but it is unfortunate that a lot of people jump in with no strategy. Above all else, you should approach online dating in a logical manner. Many people even employ dating coaches to make sure they will have the best chance of finding someone. Whatever your level of experience is it is usually recommended that you review a few of the crucial factors for success before getting started.

First and foremost, it is important to create a list the dating sites you’ll be considering. One way to go about this is by reading through the reviews of different online dating sites. The best way to get involved in the online dating community is by visiting discussion boards and websites with reviews. Within a short period, you should become familiar with the type of dating sites that are around. After that, you should decide on at least one site and become a member. Most people have no problem selecting a website because it’s pretty apparent to them what sort of website will be best for them.

Next, you can start gathering various pictures of yourself. If you’re unable to find a photo you like, you can always take a new one. You should definitely use a digital camera rather than a camera on your cell phone. The most favorable option, as you likely know, is to have a professional photographer take a photograph of you. While it will cost you extra money, it is well worth the cost because of the outstanding results you’ll get. It can be alright to post images in which you are with other individuals, however, you ought to avoid using images with people you have been involved with. Some people do this, but most experts will tell you this is a bad idea. When you have your photos ready, create the written portion of the dating profile and upload the photos. Take lots of time writing your profile. One way to get ideas for your profile is by reading other people’s profiles. Match.com has many great profiles that are worth checking out. You don’t even have to subscribe to view the profiles if you take advantage of the Match.com free trial, which you can currently obtain from Datingcoupons.net.

The next step is to start searching for individuals you want to get connected to. Based on the kind of site you have selected, the matches will be generated automatically for you based on compatibility, or you’ll have to look for other members and find matches yourself. If you’re tight on time, you should try a service that provides matches for you. Many people obtain dates quickly, while some could possibly be on a site for many months before going on a date.

That’s about it as far as the basic principles go. But to be honest, we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. In order to expand your knowledge of internet dating, I highly recommend researching as much as possible on the subject. On top of that, remember to speak with family members or friends who have tried online dating and get their advice. As a final though, I hope your internet dating venture proves to be a productive one. Good luck!

Want to eat healthy? Turn to Harvard for help

We all want to learn how to eat more healthy foods. To help you achieve this goal, the folks at Harvard has come up with something called the Healthy Eating Plate.

According to Harvard “Use The Healthy Eating Plate as a guide for creating healthy, balanced meals—whether served on a plate or packed in a lunch box.”

Healthy Plate according to Harvard

The site also recommends you put a copy on your refrigerator as well.

In a nutshell, the plate gives you a visual idea of what portion of the plate should make up things like veggies, fruits, grains, and protein. Not surprisingly, 1/2 of your plate should contain fruits or vegetables.

There’s not much in the Healthy Plate that’s new. Think of it more as an easy guideline to follow for anyone who has trouble figuring out proper proportions for their meals.

What kind of contact lens should you choose?

disposable contact lensesToday, there are many different kinds of contact lenses, and in this article, I will give you a brief overview of how to go about choosing the right one.

First and foremost, you will need to decide whether you want to get hard contacts or soft contacts. This decision is usually easy, since the majority of the time, you should choose soft contacts. The reason for this is because soft contact lenses are a lot more comfortable to wear. The only time you would want to choose hard contacts is if you have a specific vision problem that can only be addressed with hard lenses.

Next, among soft contacts, you can choose between regular soft contacts, extended wear, and disposable lenses. If money is not a factor, I would recommend daily disposables. The reason for this is that you can simply throw them out each day, and you will experience maximum comfort since you will always have a new set of contacts in your eyes. Slightly cheaper options are weekly disposable and monthly disposable lenses.

Extended wear contacts are a bit less expensive, but still quite comfortable. These days, they are not much more expensive than regular soft contacts, so I would say that these lenses are probably the most sensible ones to get for most people. They are in fact, the lenses that I wear myself.

And finally, there are regular soft contacts. These kinds of lenses need to be cleaned nightly, and the maintenance of them can be a bit more of a hassle, compared to the other types of lenses. The main benefit of regular soft contacts is that they will be the cheapest ones. If money is an issue, one of the best ways to get low prices on lenses is by using a Vision Direct coupon from Visualdiscount.com

Why you should use a match.com free trial

online datingI’ve used quite a few dating sites in my time, and the results have honestly been mixed. Sometimes, a site would be everything  I hoped; other times, I would get close to zero results from a particular dating site, even if my profile, pics, and everything else are well planned and executed.

So how do you avoid the duds? Rule number one for me is to avoid any free online dating sites. The reason I say this is that the majority of the time, such sites do not give you the results you are looking for. Moreover, those sites are littered with phony profiles and you’ll end up wasting a lot of time contacting people who no longer have an active account or don’t even exist any more.

The second thing I do is always get a free trial for whatever dating site I am looking to try out. The good news is that almost all dating sites will offer a free trial in one form or another. Take Match.com, for example. They currently have a 3-day Match free trial that you can take advantage of. Although 3 days is not a whole lot of time to check out a site, it is still better than nothing and will at least give you some idea of whether or not you want to continue using the site.

Make sure you make the most of your trial period. I usually find matches prior to initiating my free trial. Once I sign up, I get right down to business and start contacting the people I’m interested in. It’s important to be very active during the trial period so you are able to interact with other members. You shouldn’t sign up and then just browse around. That is not what the free trial is for. It is for using the service to the max, and making the most of the free period by contacting and talking to as many people as you can.

Great savings on printing at Overnight Prints

overnight prints websiteWhether you need business cards or Christmas invitations, buying printing services online is a fast and cheap way to get exactly what you need. In addition, online tools make it very simple to design a card that looks attractive, and no design skills are necessary. Both digital and offset printing are options when you use the internet to order printing services. While digital printing can be fast and convenient, I usually recommend offset printing for its superior printing quality, especially if you are ordering substantial quantities.

Some of the great online printing services to consider include Vistaprint, Uprinting, and Overnight Prints. We are partial to Overnight Prints because they offer the speediest service. In fact, at our lodge, we have used them a number of times to send out marketing postcards. Not only will they do your printing, they can handle your mailing needs as well. In this sense, it is a one-stop shop. Of course, when you run any type of mailing campaign, you want to make sure you are working with a high-quality list, because otherwise, all of your efforts will be for naught.

Businesses can benefit greatly by printing marketing materials quickly. But online printing services are terrific for personal needs as well. Birthday invitations or Christmas cards are two areas where a printing service can greatly simplify things for you. As a benefit to our visitors, we would like to offer an Overnight Prints online coupon. These online coupons will allow you to get something like 50% off on a lot of popular products such as postcards, business cards, and brochures. So go ahead and check them out, and be sure to look online the next time you need things printed professionally.

Visit the following link to get online coupon codes for Overnight Prints: http://hotprintingdeals.com.

About eharmony free communication weekends

Every couple months, I see ads on TV for eharmony free communication weekends. Perhaps you have seen these commercials as well, since they are heavily promoted whenever these communication events take place. But how exactly do these events work?

review matches on eharmonyTo take advantage of an eharmony free communication event, you already need to be a member. For this reason, you should have an account already set up. Joining eharmony takes some time, as you need to answer dozens of questions and complete a detailed personality test just to get started.

Normally, to communicate with other people on eharmony, you need to have an active membership, which can be quite costly. However, during the eharmony free communication events, you are allowed to communicate for free with other members. There are, however, some restrictions. The main one is that you can only use guided communication, which is a limited form of communication. In a nutshell, you can only send each other multiple-choice style questions. If you want to openly communicate by exchanging freely written emails, you will need a regular account.

Creating a basic account at eHarmony is free. However, unless you pay for a regular membership, you can only do a handful of things. Among the things you can do are:

  • communicate with others using guided communication (used to be only available during free communication events, but this was changed not too long ago)
  • receive and review your matches
  • take the personality test
  • receive a free personality profile

Nevertheless, it’s still a good idea to set up a free trial account at eharmony.com. At the very least, you’ll be able to review other members and see how well eharmony’s matchmaking system works for you. To sign up for free, visit this link: http://onlinedatingtrials.com/eharmony.php

Are Volcano E-cig coupons a good alternative to quitting smoking?

volcano e-cig upgrade batteriesQuitting smoking can be an exceedingly difficult thing to do. But in recent years, there is an alternative to quitting. You may have heard about it. They’re called e-cigarettes, or e-cigs, which is short for electronic cigarettes. Battery operated and using cartridges, these devices look like regular cigarettes but work with vapors. Many people believe they are safer than traditional cigarettes, so it’s a good middle ground for people worried about their health but not ready to give up the habit completely. One great way is to buy e-cigs, and start off with cartridges at a certain nicotine strength, such as 18 mg. From there, you can slowly switch to progressively weaker strength cartridges until you are finally using the 0mg cartridges.

I want to try some of these cigarettes using a coupon code for e-cigarettes, which is available from this great ecig coupon site. I’m not yet decided on which brand to choose, but I’m definitely leaning toward Smokeless Image e-cigs since I think they look the best, and they are also cheaper than other brands I’ve researched thus far. I also like the fact that in terms of size and overall appearance Smokeless Image e-cigs look like regular cigarettes to me. I’m still in the research stage, and there are definitely tons of different brand e-cigarettes to choose from. The good news is that the most basic starter kits aren’t that expensive, so if a certain brand doesn’t work out for me, I can just switch to a different company. I’d rather make the right choice to start with, however, so I’m leaning toward the Smokeless image brand given that I have heard good things about them.

For unbiased information about e-cigarettes, go to my favorite site – Wikipedia. While the jury is still out, I tend to agree with most people that these devices are a lot better for your health than traditional tobacco smoking.

Use our nintendo or xbox machines for free

black-nintendo-wiiJust because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean you have to forego physical activity. For fitness fans, we have Nintendo Wii gaming consoles that you can rent from the front desk. On the other hand, if you just want to relax, we have Playstation and Xbox consoles available as well.

As you may have noticed, there is a Gamestop store in the shopping mall across the street, which we encourage you to use. As a compliment to our guests, we would also like to offer you a Gamefly Free Trial, being made available at the following link: http://freetrialspot.com/gamefly.php.

For those who are not in the know, Gamefly is an Internet service that allows you to rent games by mail, much in the same way you would rent a DVD. It’s a great way to play tons of different games without having to purchase each one. Fortunately, you are able to get a 10-Day free membership to Gamefly to test-drive the service if you’re not sure yet if you want to become a member.

Editing your vacation pictures with photoshop


Once your vacation is over, you probably will want to download and tinker a bit with all the photos you took. Unfortunately, most people use pretty basic software for this. Perhaps the learning curve involved with some of the more sophisticated software keeps many people away from trying them. But we encourage our visitors to get creative and use Photoshop or a similar program to take photo editing to the next level.

Granted, Photoshop is a professional grade software that might not be right for everyone. But if you are a serious hobbyist or even an avid traveler, you will be thankful you have such a nice program to process your images. The good news is that now with the cloud service, you can sign up to use the software only when you need to. (It works on a monthly subscription model). Alternatively, you could download a free trial of Adobe Photoshop and use that, but it will only be good for 30 days and after that period of time you will need to decide whether you want to keep it.

If all you want to do is publish photos pretty much as they are taken, you can stick with whatever program you are currently using. But if you want your photos to have an artistic flair, give photoshop a try.