Are Volcano E-cig coupons a good alternative to quitting smoking?

volcano e-cig upgrade batteriesQuitting smoking can be an exceedingly difficult thing to do. But in recent years, there is an alternative to quitting. You may have heard about it. They’re called e-cigarettes, or e-cigs, which is short for electronic cigarettes. Battery operated and using cartridges, these devices look like regular cigarettes but work with vapors. Many people believe they are safer than traditional cigarettes, so it’s a good middle ground for people worried about their health but not ready to give up the habit completely. One great way is to buy e-cigs, and start off with cartridges at a certain nicotine strength, such as 18 mg. From there, you can slowly switch to progressively weaker strength cartridges until you are finally using the 0mg cartridges.

I want to try some of these cigarettes using a coupon code for e-cigarettes, which is available from this great ecig coupon site. I’m not yet decided on which brand to choose, but I’m definitely leaning toward Smokeless Image e-cigs since I think they look the best, and they are also cheaper than other brands I’ve researched thus far. I also like the fact that in terms of size and overall appearance Smokeless Image e-cigs look like regular cigarettes to me. I’m still in the research stage, and there are definitely tons of different brand e-cigarettes to choose from. The good news is that the most basic starter kits aren’t that expensive, so if a certain brand doesn’t work out for me, I can just switch to a different company. I’d rather make the right choice to start with, however, so I’m leaning toward the Smokeless image brand given that I have heard good things about them.

For unbiased information about e-cigarettes, go to my favorite site – Wikipedia. While the jury is still out, I tend to agree with most people that these devices are a lot better for your health than traditional tobacco smoking.