What kind of contact lens should you choose?

disposable contact lensesToday, there are many different kinds of contact lenses, and in this article, I will give you a brief overview of how to go about choosing the right one.

First and foremost, you will need to decide whether you want to get hard contacts or soft contacts. This decision is usually easy, since the majority of the time, you should choose soft contacts. The reason for this is because soft contact lenses are a lot more comfortable to wear. The only time you would want to choose hard contacts is if you have a specific vision problem that can only be addressed with hard lenses.

Next, among soft contacts, you can choose between regular soft contacts, extended wear, and disposable lenses. If money is not a factor, I would recommend daily disposables. The reason for this is that you can simply throw them out each day, and you will experience maximum comfort since you will always have a new set of contacts in your eyes. Slightly cheaper options are weekly disposable and monthly disposable lenses.

Extended wear contacts are a bit less expensive, but still quite comfortable. These days, they are not much more expensive than regular soft contacts, so I would say that these lenses are probably the most sensible ones to get for most people. They are in fact, the lenses that I wear myself.

And finally, there are regular soft contacts. These kinds of lenses need to be cleaned nightly, and the maintenance of them can be a bit more of a hassle, compared to the other types of lenses. The main benefit of regular soft contacts is that they will be the cheapest ones. If money is an issue, one of the best ways to get low prices on lenses is by using a Vision Direct coupon from Visualdiscount.com