Why you should use a match.com free trial

online datingI’ve used quite a few dating sites in my time, and the results have honestly been mixed. Sometimes, a site would be everything¬† I hoped; other times, I would get close to zero results from a particular dating site, even if my profile, pics, and everything else are well planned and executed.

So how do you avoid the duds? Rule number one for me is to avoid any free online dating sites. The reason I say this is that the majority of the time, such sites do not give you the results you are looking for. Moreover, those sites are littered with phony profiles and you’ll end up wasting a lot of time contacting people who no longer have an active account or don’t even exist any more.

The second thing I do is always get a free trial for whatever dating site I am looking to try out. The good news is that almost all dating sites will offer a free trial in one form or another. Take Match.com, for example. They currently have a 3-day Match free trial that you can take advantage of. Although 3 days is not a whole lot of time to check out a site, it is still better than nothing and will at least give you some idea of whether or not you want to continue using the site.

Make sure you make the most of your trial period. I usually find matches prior to initiating my free trial. Once I sign up, I get right down to business and start contacting the people I’m interested in. It’s important to be very active during the trial period so you are able to interact with other members. You shouldn’t sign up and then just browse around. That is not what the free trial is for. It is for using the service to the max, and making the most of the free period by contacting and talking to as many people as you can.